Vagamon Ice Lake

The Vagamon Icelake resort sits pretty lap of vagamon meadows lake, on the sensuous terraced slopes of a hill offering a magnificent double spectacle. Even at an ambling pace, you can reach the boathouse in 10 minutes flat, or the bus stand in 10 minutes.The complex has easy access to every part of the town and beyond. 

Experience the pleasure of living besides Vagamon Lake with family and friends in the Vagamon Hill Station. One of the best lakeview resorts in Vagamon, consists of 7 specially designed, fully independent rooms. The Vagamon Icelake resort is where you begin to experience Vagamon.

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Sprawling among 250 acres of farmland, Vagamon Heights is developed out of an abandoned plantation. Though the old plantation is retained the open space is turned in to a tourist destination, it is not at the expense of its native charm.